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Melvin Jones
Named for the founder of Lions International, recognizes commitment to humanitarian work.

1994   Merlin Mueller

1995  Jim Greisch

1996  Howard Keller

1997  Ralph Schmit

1998 Rick Bichler

1999 Orville Froh

2000  Mel Birkholz

2001  Richard Kapp

2003  Gary Bley

2004  Chuck Prendergast

2005  Lloyd Morgan

2006  Larry Caro

2007  Phil Groothousen

2008  Dave Mueller

2009  Glenn Ridenour

2010  Pat Poole

2011  Rich Plier

2012  John Weinrich

2013  Steve Hansen

2014  Carl Wegner III

2015  Richard Webb

2016  Brian Boettcher

2017  Mike Husting

2018  Shawn Hokanson

Birch Sturm
Named for Wisconsin’s only International Presidents, Frank V. Birch and Clarence L. Sturm, honors dedication and commitment to Lionism in Wisconsin.

2003 Rich Plier, John Weinrich

2004  Jim Herman

2005  Jim Greisch

2006  Bob Mittnacht

2007  Richard Webb

2008  Rick Bichler

2009  Michael Husting

2010  Brian Boettcher, Steve Hanson
2011  Jeff Bley, Shawn Hokanson

2012  Dave Mueller

2013  Merlin Mueller

2014  Mel Birkholz, Ralph Schmit

2015  Gary Bley

2016 Deb Bendt

2017  Jennie Greisch, Chuck Prendergast

2018  Mark “Red” Mueller

Knight of Sight
Knight of Sight Fellowship is Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin’s highest form of recognition presented to an individual by their club, zone, group or district. Recipients of the Knight of Sight Award exemplify the LEBW’s mission to give the Gift of Sight in Wisconsin, the U.S. and throughout the world.

2015  Jim Greisch, Merlin Mueller

2019  Patrick Poole

Ray Hempel Fellowship
Ray Hempel Fellowship honors the individual who makes a big difference in the Lions community and the world.

2015  Jim Greisch